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Thumbs down, thumbs up

Sunday, November 1st, 2009
  • Thumbs down: Where the hell were the kids this Hallowe’en? I think I got no more than 20 kids this year, which means I’m staring down a box and a half of mini-chocolate bars, and they are seductive in their little charms.
  • Thumbs up: to the fact that we made it through the entire month of October without any of the “s word” – the neige…
  • Thumbs down: to these recent commercials for carpet cleaners where the “woman of the house” refused to let her friend in the door because the WHITE carpet is all mussied up from foot traffic. Okay, here’s a thought: who the hell puts white carpet in their front hallway???
  • Thumbs up: I finally got around to a) cleaning out the closet in the guest room and b) priming over the violet paint in there, preparing to make it a lovely cream
  • Thumbs down: Harper trying to be all friendly and crap with a piano after cutting funding for the arts; Ignatieff thinking he’s a “man of the people”.
  • Thumbs up: Mr Johnny Cash

I’m the man! No, I’M the man!

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Ignatieff and Liberals are poised to call a non-confidence vote next week, sending Canadians to the polls, probably by October 1st.

What a dearth of choice we have. First, there’s Harper, whose Napoleonic arrogance is shown in his narrow-eyed, close-minded leadership.  As most recently evidenced when he stuffed the senate–an instititution he wanted to ban–with Conservative chronies. And there’s Ignatieff, whose arrogance is presented in a veneer of intellectual patriotism that leaves me mostly like I need to take a shower. In fact, proximal contact with either of these guys ought to be followed by a decontamination scrub in one of those biohazard units.

Normally, I’d be jumping at the chance to kick Harper to the curb. But I have no sense that Ignatieff will be much better, except for maybe allowing his cabinet members to talk to the media on their own (though they better have read the handbook ahead of time, I’m sure).

With not much difference on the fiscal agenda (really), I guess Harper will tell us he wants to stay [his] course, particularly since Canada is “pulling out of the recession” at the cost of being a couple billion in the hole, and Ignatieff’s big change is that he knows where China and India are located (and probably has at least tasted the cuisine – Harper’s a plain pork chop and potato guy).

Health care will obviously be on the agenda. Ignatieff claiming that Harper is skulking in the corner and avoiding the issue altogether, especially in the face of American scrutiny as they go through their own crisis. Harper’s response on any issue right now is not to discuss it, but to accuse of Ignatieff of being un-Canadian and power-hungry. The equivalent of offering “you suck!” as a retort at the local debating society.

It’s by no means clear on what the hell will happen if there is an election day – polls showing the leaders in a dead heat as recently as a few weeks ago. Chances of another minority government: high.


What he says

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Rick Mercer on the state of the parliament and why Stephen Harper is not an honourable man.

(Link courtesy of Librarian Fonz)

Do-over, eh?

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

For those of you not living in Canadia, you may not have heard of the crazy sh*t going on in our government these days. Basically, dictator Harper overstepped his boundaries, cuz he thought he could, and now the Liberals, New Democrats and the Bloc Quebecois have put together a coalition agreement in an effort to topple the government via a non-confidence motion. It’s so serious that Michaelle Jean (our Governor-General) is flying home early from Europe in case she needs to make a decision.

Here’s what this means:

  1. Stephane Dion would be the Prime Minister. Well, at least until May, since the Liberal party has already called a Leadership convention to elect a new leader after they lost the recent election in October. That means that the country will be run by a provisional leader of a coalition party.
  2. There will be 4 New Democrats in the cabinet, which is the closest that they will probably ever get to having any kind of federal power.
  3. A party that whose platform is actually to separate one province from the rest of the country will be a one of the triumvirate that is ruling that country.
  4. This whole thing will be decided by our Governor-General, a vestige job representing the “Queen” from the colony days. And if she decides to ask the opposition coalition to form the government instead of dissolving parliament, it’ll be only the second time in our country’s history. And we named a hockey trophy after the wife of the first guy that did it.

If I didn’t live here, I’d think that this was a plot outline for a satire by Scott Gardiner.

More seriously, I firmly believe that the Conservatives have brought this upon their own heads with their arrogance and continued obtuse misunderstandings of their opposition and the Canadian people. Ironically enough, the Canadian people think this whole deal is a bunch of hooey, but not because they agree with Harper and the Conservatives, but because they don’t want another election.

I’m not sure if I’m:

  • bemused
  • horrified
  • comforted by the idea that even with all of this, we’ll just tick along as the same old fairly safe, fairly happy, fairly affluent country we’ve always been.

For more reading, check out Cultureguru and James Bow.

Yep. Something smells

Friday, September 26th, 2008


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Okay, I’m not sure if I should be laughing at McCain’s choice of running mate, or trembling with fear that there are people out there who would really want this woman as the VP of the USA.

If someone tried to write her as a character, they’d be criticized for an exagerrated stereotype, even if the bikini image is false.

Interesting though, that all of these doctored images that hit the Net about 2.3 seconds after she was announced are sexual in nature. Where are the pictures of Joe Biden’s head on a hairy porn star?

What’s the news?

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Pretty good day for Canada today – 4 more medals. We’ve now exceeded our total for Athens. Phew!

Some Olympics stories of the day:

  • Priscilla Lopes-Schliep was never in the spotlight here on the track scene. We were focused on Perdita and others. This woman came out of nowhere to take the bronze for Canada in 100m hurdles in an exciting photo finish. When she ran in Athens, she didn’t make it out of the heats.
  • Mattias Steiner of Germany wins weightlifting gold. He was in the process of becoming a German citizen just at his wife’s request when she died in a car accident. He became a citizen anyway and won the gold medal for her.
  • One of the competitors in the weightlifting competition is also a Member of Parliament in Latvia. I’m trying to picture Bob Rae on the mat – the tights are easy, but the weights part seems a bit of a stretch. Harper would be looking for someone to bonk on the head with a dumbell, and Dion would be whining that Stephen got all the good stuff.
  • Men’s triathlon was crazy.  Simon Whitfield of Canada powered forward to take the lead on the last lap coming up from fourth to first, but he lost the lead with something like 100m to go. Gah.

I walked for 2 hours yesterday. I felt so “athletic”.

Ya see, I’m from Texas

Friday, July 11th, 2008

He’s John. Big bad John.

No parody required (but the tune is kinda catchy…)