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I will hug them and kiss them and call them George

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Warning: spoilers if you haven’t seen these things.

I may be one of the last people to see WALL-E. Saw it just a few days ago and I loved it. He’s a cute little robot, and he sounds like ET, and he loves musicals, and all he wants is to hold someone’s hand – OMG! Those first 45 minutes when he’s wondering around the planet and before he meets Eva, I was enthralled. There’s something about machines that pursue their mission beyond expectations and become “human” that gets me every time.

Of course, the first movie that got me like that was Silent Running (1972). Honestly, when little Dewey is all alone in deep wide space, tending to the garden at the end, I balled. Balled!

There is a real-life analogue to this, too. The Mars Rovers. How long they continued, and survived against dust and lack of light and all kinds of challenges. WALL-E looked quite a bit like them as well – some conspiracy to make me teary-eyed, I’m sure.

It’s the perseverance that’s hits the heart strings. An¬†anthropomorphic ideal that is a teary sniff away from the loyalty of a good pet, or the determination of a good friend.

I’m a sucker for awesome robots.


Dewey and his plants. Just watched again. Those are just allergies *sniff*.

And when the rovers were 5…