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Monday, May 18th, 2009

Went to see Star Trek on the weekend. Enjoyment was obtained. Overall, the actor selections were equal to our collective nostalgia – Chris Pine is a nice bit of toffee, and Zachary Quinto was made for the part. These two carried the show, as they should. Karl Urban and Simon Pegg brought great guffahs as McCoy and Scottie. John Cho got more action in this movie than Sulu did during the original series, I think. Zoe Saldana is beautiful and the role was meant to bring more “power” to Uhura’s part in the team, but she still seemed pretty superfluous. Though there is the connection to Spock that mostly worked even though the origins and duration were left off-screen–nevertheless, it was more about what makes Spock than what makes her.

The opening sequence wherein we see Kirk’s father was some pretty good film – visually stunning, it was surprisingly emotional and brought everyone in from the get-go.

The visual effects were pretty spectacular throughout, actually (though if that was a “mining ship”, I’d hate to see what the Romulans were spending on their primary fleet). Few too many scenes with Kirk hanging by his hands over a precipice and being choked (sometimes in the same scene). Minor quibbles, though, really.

There was enough there for Trekkies and for newbs. I think I clapped a couple of times in the middle. I know some people aren’t too happy with the alternate timeline, and I think there’s a point to be made that there was a little too much time with Spock Prime.


Still and all, what makes the weekend absolutely a geekgasm is…

1. Dollhouse is renewed

2. Chuck is renewed.


Mamma Troi

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Majel Roddenberry died in her sleep – we’ll miss her as the voice of the Enterprise but word is that she got her stuff done for the new Star Trek movie already, so it’ll be great to hear her there.

I loved her best as Troi’s cougariffic mother in TNG.