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Wherein I discover I have ESP, and design my new logo

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

So, Melle and Andrew and I were watching the True Blood last night, and it was the scene where Hoyt and Jessica are in bed sharing their secrets (and aren’t they the cutest thing evar!?), and Hoyt said, “I have to tell you something”, and I said I ain’t never done it… and then right after that, HE said, “I ain’t never done it”!!!

I looked at Andrew and Melle to make sure that they recognized my newly unconvered superpower. Which means I totally need a new costume, because I need a logo to that encompasses super power 1 and super power 2.

I’m thinking a picture of an ass (human not donkey) with a lightening bolt and music notes coming out of it and then the letters “E.S.P.” emblazoned overtop of it all – in a colour scheme of popsicle pink and white, in velour. Except for the tights, cuz they might bind up.

And in related news, felicitations and mazel tov to Ms Sookeh Stackhouse and Mr William Compton on their recent engagement. I think they are worried about supe crashers at the wedding, because they are insisting that their names are Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, but those aren’t good Southern names at all.