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A love story

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Amendment to my top tv shows of the past decade: please add The Wire.¬†As described by numerous critics, “the best television series of all time.”

This show is a love story for the city of Baltimore and its people. But it’s love like paint varnish. Each of the 5 seasons focuses on a different aspect of the city – the drug “game”, the dying port and its unions, the schools, the government and the media. Always intertwining stories of diverse characters and motives and good intentions and social mobility – I called it “Dickensian” after watching S2, not realizing that it would become an explicit trope in later seasons. Taking a step back though, I wonder if the better comparison is with George Eliot’s Middlemarch. Like Dickens for adults.

Expect to be treated like a thinking person. Expect to laugh your ass off. Expect to have sudden urges to talk Bo’more in business meetings, though I don’t recommend it (Don’t be getting up in my shit, muthafucka). Expect to cry. Expect to love the bad guy and be royally pissed off at the hero. Expect to not want to believe that this is really what it is, while knowing this is the closest you will ever get to seeing how it really is.

And, I think what David Simon and Ed Burns want from us? To give a fuck when it ain’t our turn to give a fuck.

A taste below. Spoilers!