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I might get the rabies!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

I was out watering my sod last night, and there were three tween girls shrieking and giggling in a circle on the grassy boulevard in front of my neighbour’s house.

Turns out they had just witnessed a chipumkicide in the street. Not wanting to leave the “body” on the road, they used some paper to fling onto my neighbour’s boulevard, and now were suffering pangs of guilt for leaving it there, so they wanted it back on the street, but at the curb.

Having survived the bravery of the first move, they were having serious second thoughts about a second one – “I might get the rabies”, “You just touched it, so you can touch it again!” Shriek! Squee!

When I turned around and shut my eyes, it was almost like I was at a Jonas brothers concert.